WiR #9: It Takes You Away

Episode 9 December 05, 2018 01:11:02
Who in Review
WiR #9: It Takes You Away

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G, Chloe, Z and Soph are back to discuss the weirdness & campiness of *It Takes You Away*! They'll talk about what did and didn't work in the Anti-Zone, whether Graham's moment was earned or not & the show's new willingness to get outside the box! **Social Media:** * G - @victorylime (Twitter & Instagram) * Chloe - @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram) * Z - @nicksczach (Twitter & Instagram) * Soph - @sofacushionart (Instagram & DeviantArt) * Send show feedback to [email protected] For more Nick goodness, check out [Fanthropological](http://www.fanthropological.com)!

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