WiR #1: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Episode 1 October 08, 2018 01:02:39
WiR #1:  The Woman Who Fell To Earth
Who in Review
WiR #1: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Show Notes

In our second episode, G, Chloe, Evan & Carolynne gather 'round the microphone to talk about the first episode of the Thirteenth Doctor's run, *The Woman Who Fell To Earth*! They'll talk about the menace or lackthereof of Tim Shaw, the hardest-working Doctor in the universe, the effect of trailers on the enjoyment of the show & how the show did on achieving its 'new' feel. Social Media Handles: G: @victorylime (Twitter & Instagram) Chloe: @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram) Evan: @TheGoatVG (Twitter), evanclubbe (Instagram), twitch.tv/thegoatvg This show is part of the Nickscast Family! Head on over to fanthropological.com to find more from the Nicks with their weekly fandom-centric podcast, Fanthropological! You can also find them @TheNickscast anywhere on the internet! Theme: "The World Enough & Time" by [Fragile Air](http://www.soundcloud.com/fragileair)

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